SUSH is a sushi shop in the Bank Arcade, Hobart, created in close collaboration with the client, his staff, and a team of specialists and craftspeople. SUSH celebrates the ‘art’ of sushi, craftsmanship, imperfection, light and shadow, drawing from Japanese traditions. Its tiny 34m2 floor plan is counterbalanced with a generously open corner.

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“At once a renewal and a deepening of our roots […] To me the project was about considering inputs and outputs. I looked at it as a machine of sorts, with a specific function that would determine the form. There was an opportunity to enhance the culture and community around the business.”

David - Sush Owner
Copyright 2019
Copyright 2019
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SUSH features natural and durable materials selected to age and wear gracefully. This approach provides a counterpoint to the ‘short-termism’ of typical franchise outlets that often adopt ‘bright and shiny’, short-lived materials.

Project Team:

Architects: Core Collective Architects with Christopher Clinton Architect

Our Team: Ryan Strating, Emily Ouston, Erica Proud

Builder: Construction3

Kitchen Fabrication: CKB Solutions

Building Surveyor: Lee Tyers Building Surveyors

Mechanical Engineer: Ian Loney Mechanical Consultant

Kitchen Refrigeration: Trent Refrigeration

Lighting Consultant: Southern Lighting

Structural Engineer: Gandy and Roberts Consulting Engineers

Architectural metal fabrication: Wellington Steelworks & Allports

Furniture Designer: Scott Van Tuil

Graphic Designer: Atomic Blender

CNC machining and pattern maker: Formspace

Metal casting: APCO Engineering

Metal finishing: Christopher Clinton

Charred timber feature wall: Christopher Clinton & David Painter

Feature timber elements: Christopher Clinton

Plumber: Polonowski Plumbing

Geotechnical Engineer: Geo Environmental Solutions

Photographer: Adam Gibson Photographer

Sustainable Initiatives

Large corner opening for natural ventilation and reduced energy usage and costs.

Natural and durable materials (locally-sourced where possible).

Recycled plastic stool.

eWater water-based cleaning system.


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